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Our Team


Jordan Reti,  B.A. 


Jordan Reti is an experienced, full-service landscaper and renovation contractor working in Calgary, Alberta and surrounding areas. Jordan holds a Bachelor of Arts with a minor in Art and Geography and started his business in 2005.

Always putting quality above all else, Jordan has established a reputation as a specialist in his field. His designer eye makes him a unique talent, as he’s able to develop beautiful projects from conception through to completion. With experience in design and construction, Jordan creates projects that are visually stunning with strong foundations that last the test of time.

Adrian Stark

Site Lead

Adrian brings more than 20 years of landscape and construction experience to Lions Bridge. His dedication to quality combined with his wide knowledge base of landscape construction makes him an integral part of the team, and a reliable leader. Adrian’s focus is on keeping all projects moving forward, bringing design plans to life, and ensuring all work is completed to the highest quality standards.

About the Name

Jordan's Granddad walked the Centre Street Bridge to work every day.


Calgarians - and visitors alike - have most likely seen the iconic lions that welcome you onto the bridge and into our downtown core. They are a part of our heritage and we're proud to build our company around one of Calgary's landmarks. 

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